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I don’t think you want someone as the candidate for president who pays more taxes than he owes.

Mitt Romney

Not sure how I missed Mitt Romney saying this in last night’s debate, but who wouldn’t want someone who ruthlessly takes advantage of the system to get over on the American government as the person to lead the American government, right?

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I also haven’t seen much about how Romney’s tax situatio completely undermines the Republican bullshit about “job creators” and rich people putting their money to work for the benefit of the rest of the slack-jawed assholes who are too stupid to make $20 mil / year.  Romney’s money was apparently sitting in Switzerland and the Caymans.  It’s not simply that it wasn’t being put to use to “create jobs” or benefit the country — the tax dodge was actually a careful effort to keep money out of the system he now wants to lead.

I’ll concede some accountants and tax lawyers made some money.

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